About Us


Aar Aar Technoplast Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1978, at Faridabad, India. From a very small unit, it has gone on to become a market leader in the field on Plastic Injection Moulded Components. Aar Aar’s customer base is strong with almost all the customers reinforcing their faith in Aar Aar for extended periods of time. The product range is varied, from Automobile Components to Home Appliances and Telecommunication Products to various other products. Ever since its inception, Aar Aar has grown from strength to strength, with immense support from it customers and unflinching support and hard work of its staff. Aar Aar has a range of modern machinery and auxiliary equipment. We promise and deliver Quality products, at Competitive prices, on time. We truly bring plastics to life at Aar Aar.

Now Aar Aar is in the proccess of expansion and a new manufacturing facilty is being set up at Manesar, Gurgaon, which shall be operational by June, 2009. This new facility shall have state of the art machinery along with the latest auxillary equipment.