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Aar Aar is a one stop Solution Provider. Designing to mould making, to injection moulding with assemblies and subassemblies to ultrasonic welding, to printing and painting, we do it all. We have a vast experience in building strategic and customizable solutions that maximizes efficiency and gets desired results.


Our success is directly proportional to the quality of our services and products we deliver to our customers. We try to understand your needs and priorities well enough, so that suitable solutions are presented to you, proactively.



Growing and learning over a period of four decades, we at Aar Aar have been dedicated towards providing an unparalleled experience to not only our customers but also our staff and everyone connected to Aar Aar.



Commitment and passion is something you can't find everywhere, but we know you'll find it here. The extraordinary results that our staff strives for, with their hard work is rare, we know it. It's time you do too.


Team Work

If we haven't said it enough, we'll happily say it again, it's our people, our talented staff that has created an uplifting environment within our organization. So, when everyone wants to see the other succeed, everyone succeeds together. We value, respect, and recognize every effort made, and they are always rewarded and appreciated



Our integrity is of utmost importance to us. Compromising on our values, principals and ethics is something we can never do. It's not about what is easy for us; it is however always about what is right



As we strive to create competitive appealing products with innovative plastic technologies we remain laser focused on creativity, cost savings and originality. In the process, we try to deploy production techniques that limit emission of environmentally harmful substance and reduce energy use.